Dear Readers, Osservatorio Mashrek has decided to expand and bet in this project to provide a more accurate and detailed information about what is happening in the Mashreq and in international dynamics. We want to continue to deepen certain issues, like the wars in Syria and Iraq and the phenomenon of international jihadism.However, create a genuine information platform requires new costs. Indeed, to find first-hand material requires both phase of research and study as the presence on the field.

To do so we need to be funded by someone. That someone should be just you Readers, curious and passionate people who do not find themselves in this dominant model information. The crisis in international journalism and information system  is clearly. We try to anticipate: we ask directly to you to help us, to help bring us with a very small donation this our idea of ​​journalism: honest, objective, on the field. If you like our project, to support us just link on any item on the home page and then click on the top right box as pictured.


Osservatorio Mashrek Team