The Arabian Winter: ISIS, al-Qa’ida and the Middle Eastern Wars

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Islamic militants use social media because we use social media; they seek resources…money…hydrocarbons…weapons…in the way that many actors do across the world today..they multi-task as terrorists, insurgents and administrators because all play roles that are increasingly ill-defined” (by Matthew Williams) The Arab revolutions and the subsequent overlapping wars which have plunged the Middle East and […]

Chilcot Report: A timely reminder for a change in British policy

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The unveiling of the long-awaited Chilcot report has reconfirmed the devastating political and geo-political consequences of Britain’s military support for the United States’ war in Iraq. In a month which promises to be significant in British political, military and sporting history and the United Kingdom’s future, the Chilcot report is the latest condemnation against a […]

Syria: the Raqqa Campaign and its consequences

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The siege of Raqqa and fall of ISIS’s strongest citadel in Syria will not herald the end of the regional war or spell the end of the terrorist organisation. The fall of Raqqa will represent a new stage in the conflict and the evolution of ISIS as a geo-political force

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