The Return Of Nouri Al Maliki In 2018 Iraqi Parliamentary Election

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(By Osservatorio Mashrek)Iraqi’s political sources have revealed as Dawa Party’s Shura Council has agreed to run the next legislative election with two separate electoral lists. The first will be headed by the Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi while the second will run with the ex Premier and actual Iraqi Vice President Nouri al Maliki. Iraq’s […]

Saddam Hussein Did Not Have to Die

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Nouri Al-Maliki in a recent interview describes the days priors the execution as characterized by “indecision” and “fear” by the new establishment about what could happen after Saddam Hussein’s death.

(By Nino Orto) Saddam Hussein did not have to die. At least not for the Americans, who had requested an extension of fifteen days […]

The Fall of Mosul: How ISIS Managed to Take the City

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When the jihadists advanced towards Mosul on 6th June 2014 their aim was just to take a neighborhood for a couple of hours. They did not expected that all the government apparatus in the city would collapsed like a house of cards“.

(by Nino Orto) Lieutenant General Mahdi Gharawi, responsible for Mosul’s security, knew the […]

Iraq: gli sciiti ad un bivio

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Corruzione ad ogni livello, inefficienza nell’erogazione dei servizi pubblici, esercito disarticolato, lotte intestine al partito di governo, “dipartimenti ombra” in seno agli apparati statali, onnipresenza delle milizie confessionali, controllo ferreo dei partiti religiosi sulla popolazione; sono solo alcune delle sfide che il governo iracheno a maggioranza sciita si trova ad affrontare.

(di Nino […]

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