Al-Adnani è morto. Lunga vita ad al-Adnani

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“”L’uomo che si cela dietro tutto questo è Abu Muhammad al-Adnani” ha dichiarato il jihadista tedesco Sarfo. “Lui è il capo del Emni e delle forze speciali del Califfato. Tutto porta verso di lui”.” (By Nino Orto) All’inizio di quest’anno un ex-jihadista tedesco, Harry Sarfo, ha rilasciato un’intervista dalla prigione tedesca in cui è rinchiuso, […]

The Arabian Winter: ISIS, al-Qa’ida and the Middle Eastern Wars

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Islamic militants use social media because we use social media; they seek resources…money…hydrocarbons…weapons…in the way that many actors do across the world today..they multi-task as terrorists, insurgents and administrators because all play roles that are increasingly ill-defined” (by Matthew Williams) The Arab revolutions and the subsequent overlapping wars which have plunged the Middle East and […]

“The Islamic State is a stable entity”: interview with Loretta Napoleoni

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Islamic State has been very skillful in attracting the young Muslims generations. I think that this is related as well to the fact that ISIS is a nationalistic movement, you have the religious message united to this powerful nationalistic message, the realization of Muslims political utopia: the CaliphateOsservatorio Mashrek exclusive interview with economist and specialist on […]

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