Goodbye Iraq

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After two years since the proclamation of Caliphate in Syraq the international community has failed to curb the institutionalisation of Islamic State nor have they prevented Baghdadi and the organisation from becoming new regional geo-political actor. (05/16/2016_By Nino Orto) Two years have passed since Islamic State conquered Mosul and large chunks of territory in […]

Al-Adnani è morto. Lunga vita ad al-Adnani

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“”L’uomo che si cela dietro tutto questo è Abu Muhammad al-Adnani” ha dichiarato il jihadista tedesco Sarfo. “Lui è il capo del Emni e delle forze speciali del Califfato. Tutto porta verso di lui”.” (By Nino Orto) All’inizio di quest’anno un ex-jihadista tedesco, Harry Sarfo, ha rilasciato un’intervista dalla prigione tedesca in cui è rinchiuso, […]

Mosul Plan: Carter Offers Details on USA Deployment

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Defense Secretary Ash Carter and one of his senior commanders offered some details about the role of the 560 additional U.S. troops the Defense Department announced yesterday will deploy to Iraq to support Iraqi forces combating the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.

(by […]
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