Associated Press: Up to 11,000 Civilians Were Killed in Mosul

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According to the Associated Press Report between 9,000 and 11,000 people were killed in the nine-month battle against Islamic State: a civilian casualty rate nearly 10 times higher than has been previously reported

(By Osservatorio) When the Syrian government and Russian forces  heavily bombarded East Aleppo at the end of 2016 a […]

The Secret Book of Islamic State

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“What is happening today could be the systematic application of what is written in the 2006 book “Management of Savagery”

(By Nino Orto)From the repression of Abdel Nasser of Egypt, through to the Russian wars in the Hindu Kush and Chechnya, up to Syria and the plains of Mesopotamia in Iraq, jihadism continues to have historical […]

Why we should not celebrate Mosul’s “liberation”.

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There are no signs that attitudes within Baghdad towards the Sunnis are changing“.

(By Nino Orto) With Iraq’s second largest city free from Islamic State, there are many concerns which will be raised about the city’s future. With Mosul under the full control of the Iraqi government, Baghdad’s first step should be rebuild […]

Saddam Hussein is still alive in Mosul

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“If the situation in Mosul doesn’t change there will be another group with a different name and leaderships who may be embroiled in a new wave of violence”

(By Nino Orto) After Islamic State’s defeat from Mosul  to really understand the resentment of the city towards the central government you have just to talk with Saddam […]

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