Turkey’s Risky Gamble in Syria Has Just Begun

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(By News Agency) Defying Russia, the US, and Bashar al-Assad’s regime, Turkey’s president is betting on a decisive victory over Syrian Kurd forces. But his risky gamble could quickly turn sour.

The initial incursion by Turkish troops and their Free Syrian Army (FSA) allies on Sunday, preceded by days of airstrikes and artillery shelling, appeared tentative […]

Erdogan: Mosul offensive will commence October 19

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The agreement which is signed between the Peshmerga and Arabs for the offensive is very important” Erdogan said in a recent meeting in US

(By Osservatorio Mashrek) Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan revealed on Sunday that the battle to push the Islamic State out of their stronghold of Mosul will commence on October 19It is […]

UAE, Egypt, and Dahlan behind the failed coup in Turkey?

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Ankara believes United Arab Emirates and Egypt, two of worst enemies of the Muslim Brotherhood in the Arab world, were seeking to undermine President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s government because is a powerful ally and sponsor of the group(By Nino Orto) Intelligence sources have revealed on Arab media that Turkish authorities are convinced that the […]

La Turchia arma i jihadisti in Siria?

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“Hacker pubblicano sul web documenti riservati sulla vicenda, tra cui un video” (di Redazione) Nuovi documenti segreti riguardo la storia dei tre camion pieni di armi appartenenti ai servizi segreti turchi e destinati ai jihadisti in Siria, sono ormai in Rete, e confermerebbero i sospetti sul fatto che Ankara non avrebbe giocato pulito nella guerra […]

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