The Fall of Mosul: How ISIS Managed to Take the City

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When the jihadists advanced towards Mosul on 6th June 2014 their aim was just to take a neighborhood for a couple of hours. They did not expected that all the government apparatus in the city would collapsed like a house of cards“.

(by Nino Orto) Lieutenant General Mahdi Gharawi, responsible for Mosul’s security, knew the […]

Why we should not celebrate Mosul’s “liberation”.

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There are no signs that attitudes within Baghdad towards the Sunnis are changing“.

(By Nino Orto) With Iraq’s second largest city free from Islamic State, there are many concerns which will be raised about the city’s future. With Mosul under the full control of the Iraqi government, Baghdad’s first step should be rebuild […]

The Islamic State conflict: Why the Caliphate will survive in Iraq

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Without long-term political resolutions, it inevitably becomes difficult to crush IS’s insurgency because of the pragmatic politics of IS which combined traditional tribal power and puritanical jihādist ideology with military strategy of the former regime of Saddam

(By Nino Orto) The advance of Iraqi Security Forces and the Kurdish peshmerga towards Mosul to recapture the […]

Siraq: lo Stato Islamico è una realtà di fatto

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E’ passato poco più di un anno dall’auto-proclamazione del califfo iracheno Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi e dall’istituzione del Califfato islamico in Siraq. Ma cosa succede oggi tra Siria e Iraq? Perché, nonostante la controffensiva regionale e internazionale, il gruppo jihadista potrebbe raggiungere il proprio obiettivo? La repentina ascesa dell’IS

(di Nino Orto) A Ramadi, nella regione di […]

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