Se la Russia scarica Bashar al-Assad

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Il Cremlino non è piu’ in grado di gestire la situazione politicamente ed economicamente. La comunanza negli obiettivi strategici tra Teheran/Damasco e Mosca sembrano essere arrivati al capolinea.

(By Nino Orto)”Bashar al-Assad fuori?” La Russia sgancia la sua bomba politica a pochi mesi dalle nuove elezioni presidenziali in Siria. Anni di conflitti locali, regionali ed […]

Interview Firas Fayyad: ‘My documentary has evidence of Assad’s war crimes in Syria’

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“My position as an artist is to react to this situation and show the world what has happened and what is still happening there from a different perspective.”

(By Nino Orto) “I was arrested in 2011 during the popular uprising against President Bashar al-Assad because I was making a film about freedom of speech in […]

Interview: Inclusion the only way to stop radicalisation in Britain, ex-jihadist warns

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Nino Orto talks to ex-Islamist fighter Shahid Butt on the importance of community and education in making young British Muslims resilient to creeping radicalisation.

(By Nino Orto)”Twenty years ago the goals of the foreign fighters and the deep meaning of what jihad was were totally different compared to nowadays. We never targeted civilians and killed innocent people […]

Turkey’s Risky Gamble in Syria Has Just Begun

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(By News Agency) Defying Russia, the US, and Bashar al-Assad’s regime, Turkey’s president is betting on a decisive victory over Syrian Kurd forces. But his risky gamble could quickly turn sour.

The initial incursion by Turkish troops and their Free Syrian Army (FSA) allies on Sunday, preceded by days of airstrikes and artillery shelling, appeared tentative […]

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