Iraq Lists 60 Most-Wanted Jihadists and Baathists

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The name of elusive ISIS head Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is notably absent from the list

(by News Agency) Iraqi authorities released for the first time on Sunday the names of 60 most wanted figures for belonging to the ISIS terrorist group, al-Qaeda and the dissolved Baath Party.

The Secret Book of Islamic State

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“What is happening today could be the systematic application of what is written in the 2006 book “Management of Savagery”

(By Nino Orto)From the repression of Abdel Nasser of Egypt, through to the Russian wars in the Hindu Kush and Chechnya, up to Syria and the plains of Mesopotamia in Iraq, jihadism continues to have historical […]

Iraq’s parliament passes law legalising Shia militias: the end of Iraq?

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They now number over 100,000 men and fight with heavy weaponry, including tanks, artillery and rocket launchers” (By Osservatorio Mashrek) Rekindling sectarian rivalries at a sensitive time, Iraq’s parliament on Saturday voted to fully legalize state-sanctioned Shiite militias long accused of abuses against minority Sunnis, adopting a legislation that promoted them to a government force […]

Al-Adnani è morto. Lunga vita ad al-Adnani

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“”L’uomo che si cela dietro tutto questo è Abu Muhammad al-Adnani” ha dichiarato il jihadista tedesco Sarfo. “Lui è il capo del Emni e delle forze speciali del Califfato. Tutto porta verso di lui”.” (By Nino Orto) All’inizio di quest’anno un ex-jihadista tedesco, Harry Sarfo, ha rilasciato un’intervista dalla prigione tedesca in cui è rinchiuso, […]

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